The World War I Crossroads network is a collaboration between editors on the H-Net Commons dedicated to the scholarly study and discussion of World War I and the centennial commemoration of the conflict.  This network will highlight World War I content from across the H-Net Commons as well as commission new content on the subject.


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Recent Content from the Crossroads

Capture of Karajakois and Yenikoi

The towns of Karajakois and Yenikoi were captured by the British in September and October, 1916.  This was part of the Macedonian Campaign in Salonika.


Image Credit: Imperial War Museum Q32427

Description: Bulgarians captured during the action of the Karajakois and the capture of Yenikoi, 30th September - 4th October, 1916. 26th and 10th Divisions.

Forces arrive in Salonika

At the request of the Greek Prime Minister French and British Troops began to arrive in Salonika in October, 1915.  This established the Macedonian Campaign


Image Credit: Imperial War Museum Q31651

Description: Men of the French 84th Infantry Regiment lined up along the waterfront at Salonika awaiting the order to march to camp, October 1915.

Turkish Counteroffensive in the Caucasus Campaign

The Turkish Army responded to the Russian Winter Offensive in the Caucasus Campaign by launching a counteroffensive.  The Turkish forces had two successes when they captured Mus and Bitlis on August 15 but the Russians recaptured these on August 24.


Image Credit: Imperial War Museum Q107442

Description: Troops of the Russian Armoured Car Division with native tribesmen en route to Turkey, probably on the road between Vladikavkaz and Erzurum, 1916