The World War I Crossroads network is a collaboration between editors on the H-Net Commons dedicated to the scholarly study and discussion of World War I and the centennial commemoration of the conflict.  This network will highlight World War I content from across the H-Net Commons as well as commission new content on the subject.


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Recent Content from the Crossroads

World War I in the British Archives

This is the first of a regular feature on the World War I Crossroads highlighting interesting discussions and content about World War I from the H-Net logs. Our very first discussion goes back to 1994 from a discussion that took place on H-Albion. The query, asking about the presence of military personnel files and the availability of online documents and the responses reveal a very different time of scholarship on the web.

World War 1 Crossroads Categories

This page is a reference for editors who want something to appear on the World War 1 Crossroads.  By assigning content one of the following categories, it will appear on lists in this Crossroads network and always link back to the original content and Network, therefore making sure all content that appears here from other Networks receives proper attribution.