The World War I Crossroads network is a collaboration between editors on the H-Net Commons dedicated to the scholarly study and discussion of World War I and the centennial commemoration of the conflict.  This network will highlight World War I content from across the H-Net Commons as well as commission new content on the subject.


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Recent Content from the Crossroads

Fall of Jerusalem

Turkish forces evacuated Jerusalem on December 8, 1917.  British forces occupied the city the following day, and held onto the city despite later Turkish couterattacks.


Image Credit: Imperial War Museum Q12623

Description: Official entry into Jerusalem, 11th December 1917. General Allenby leaving by the Jaffa Gate for advanced General Head Quarters. He was in the city not more than a quarter of an hour

1st Battle of Gaza

The 1st Battle of Gaza was fought between British and Turkish forces in January, 1917.  The British cleared the Sinai Peninsula of all Turkish forces.


Image Credit: Imperial War Museum Q51267

Description: Signal office in camp of the Imperial Mounted Division (Australian Mounted Division from June 1917) near Deir el Belah, after the 1st Battle of Gaza.