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Gorlice-Tarnow Breakthrough

Following the Russian victories earlier in the year, Germany and Austro-Hungary refocused their effors on the Eastern Front and the Russian line began to crumble.  Przemysl was retaken, Lemberg occupied, and the Dniester River crossed.


Image Credit: Imperial War Museum Q86696

Description: Austro-Hungarian 305 mm heavy mortars (Skoda 305 mm Model 1911) on the move during the advance in Galicia. Photograph probably taken during the Gorlice-Tarnów Offensive


Przemysl was an Austrian city that found itself behind Russian lines after the Battle of Galicia in September, 1914.  After 194 of siege, the Fortress of Przemysl surrendered to the Russians on March 22, 1915.  Despite this Russian victory the Przemysl would be retaken by Austro-German troops on June 3, 1915 as part of the Gorlice-Tarnow Breakthrough.


Image Credit: Imperial War Museum Q86665

Second Masurian Lakes Battle

The Second Masurian Lakes Battle, or Winter Battle, was part of Hindenburg's Winter Offensive on the Eastern Front.   The German Army attacked Russian troops.  This was a victory for the Germans but they did not gain much territory.


Image Credit: Imperial War Museum Q87602

Description: Officers of the German General Staff at a battle conference in winter snow. Note a cyclist delivering a message

Battle of Bolimov

The Battle of Bolimov was a German attack aimed at Warsaw and part of Hindenburg's Winter Offensive on the Eastern Front.  It was intended to distract the Russiam army.  It was also the first use of poison gas, but it was not very effective in the cold temperatures.


Image Credit: Imperial War Museum Q53512

Description: Russian troops drawing ammunition from a horse-drawn supply cart, probably late 1914