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Bolivia, Evo Morales & High Altitude

Dear colleagues, those of you interested in South American football might be interested in using the World Cup free day to read my new article "Sport as a tool for deflecting political problems: Bolivia’s President Morales’ successful campaign against FIFA’s ban on high altitude football" You can download the article here

Danyel Reiche

Re: World Cup from European(ist) Perspectives

We're not the only list on H-Net with a useful perspective on the tournament. And across the network, editors are collecting posts in a project, which you can check out here:

Give a read, follow a discussion, and think about contributing something yourself.

Michael Munnik
Reviews Editor, H-SAE
University of Edinburgh

Interesting essay on the 2010 World Cup

Dear List Members,

In light of the 2014 World Cup, I thought it would be of interest to you to read an article about "feeling European," "feeling German," and belonging with regards to the 2010 World Cup.  The article examines the emotional culture of soccer.  

Maria Stehle and Beverly M. Weber, "German Soccer, the 2010 World Cup, and Multicultural Belonging," German Studies Review 36:1 (February 2013): 103-124

Please feel free to share your feelings about the article or even the 2014 World Cup on our listserv.





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World Cup book reviews on H-NET

Here is a list of H-Net reviews of books that have some link to the World Cup. Some books are focused more directly on the World Cup and soccer/footbal, while some are on broader topics like aspects of international sport or gender and sports. (And one is actually about cricket.) But all should be good reading for this group! The list will automatically update should new relevant reviews appear on H-Net.