Votes for Kentucky Women: A Student Activity Book

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The Votes for Kentucky Women student activity book was created as part of my Girl Scout Gold Award project.  The book is geared toward older elementary-age students and includes important concepts and terms related to voting, citizenship, and our laws.  Throughout the book, there are several activities for students to complete while learning about Woman Suffrage.  After reading the book, I hope students have a better understanding and appreciation of what an incredible right voting is.  

I plan to provide a copy of the book to all Fayette County Public School 5th grade students.  I have attatched a PDF of the book on this site so that anyone that is interested may print a copy.

Elizabeth Solie



Congratulations, Elizabeth, on completing this woman suffrage history activity book as part of your Girl Scout Gold Star project! We will post it on the Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project’s resource page for teachers too. Many thanks for this great service for our youth.

Huge contribution to educate Kentuckians---thank you. Great diversity in activities: puzzles, drawings, etc. Something for every kind of learning mode, Super how-to outline to run for office. Clear distinction between states' rights & federal amendment. Designing a monument brilliant idea. On and on. Congratulations for a job well done--Genie Potter