Transnational Italian Studies Working Group

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We are an interdisciplinary group of scholars collectively rethinking Italian language, literature, culture and history from a transnational perspective. We focus on multiple research areas – empire, diaspora, migration, travel, translation, multilingualism, colonial history, postcolonial culture and critical tourism studies – and on the many ways these intersect. Our interest in transnational research frameworks does not do away with the nation as an epistemological category. In fact, we are interested in the many ways in which the “transnational” traverses putatively “national” histories and cultures, giving meaning to them. In our conversations, the nation is not an unquestioned a-priori against which we define our field of study. Instead, we investigate “Italy” as a hybrid, dynamic and fluid signifier whose meaning takes shape at the crossroads of transnational phenomena like colonialism and migration. In our blog, we show what teaching and researching Transnational Italian Studies may look like, and why it matters. 

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