ToC, Journal of Burma Studies volume 21 issue 1, now available online

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The Table of Contents for The Journal of Burma Studies Volume 21 Number 1 (June 2017) is below. The Journal is now available online through university libraries that subscribe to Project MUSE (most North American universities do). NUS Press publishes this Journal on behalf of the Center for Burma Studies at Northern Illinois University. 

The Role of Pāli Grammar in Burmese Buddhism 
By Aleix Ruiz Falqués

Hedging against Lives’ Uncertainties and the “Theravada” Label 
By Lilian Handlin

The Burma Democratic Front: How Eighty-Eight Generation Chin were Mobilized into the Chin National Front 
By Peter Swift

The Other Bayonet: A New Source to Frame the Second Anglo–Burmese War
By A. A. Bastian

Prayer of the Seven Stations (Sattathāna)
By Ledi Sayadaw
Introduction by Erik Braun
Poetic Interpretations by Tin Tin Aye

Drones and Phones: A Note on Linguistic Adaptation to a Changing World
By Julian Wheatley