Welcome to H-Net's Repository of Resources for Teaching Online. The purpose of this network is to share resources with educators facing mandatory online teaching environments due to the Covid-19 threat. For many, this will be their first online teaching experience. For others who may have previously taught online, it is still quite disruptive to be forced to repurpose face-to-face teaching materials so quickly.

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Recent Content

No-Hassle effective switches from in-person to remote teaching

Dear Colleagues,

I created this handout to help my colleagues switch to remote learning without having to retrain or re-invent the wheel. 

Given that online learning is its own field and requires a particular skillset that many just don't have time to acquire on such short notice, the suggestions I include ask that you lean on technologies you already know how to use and feel comfortable using. 

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.


Manuela Borzone, Ph.D.