NACBS Blog Post: Priya Satia on the Process of Writing her book Empire of Guns: The Violent Making of the Industrial Revolution

I did not set out to write a history of the industrial revolution, though the sources of global inequality have long intrigued me. Indeed, my graduate student career began with a master’s degree in development economics at the London School of Economics. When I became frustrated with the way economics as a discipline took context—existing global disparities—for granted, I decided to pursue a PhD in history instead. As a history student at UC Berkeley, I took Brad de Long and Barry Eichengreen’s course in economic history alongside first-year PhD economics students.

The Left and Nationalism Monthly Series: “The ‘Radical Current’: Nationalism and the Radical Left in Scotland, 1967-1979” by Rory Scothorne

H-Nationalism is proud to publish here the seventh post of its “The Left and Nationalism Monthly Series”, which looks at the relationship between nationalism and left-wing movements and thinking in a multi-disciplinary perspective.

YOU Should Read the Catholic Press – Why?

In 1919, just after the formation of the National Catholic Welfare Council (NCWC), today known as the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, the NCWC Press Department absorbed the function of the Catholic Press Association, stabilizing and promoting the dissemination of news of interest to Catholics nationally.  Its aim was to publish news of national and international interest to Catholics in the United States—news that was often ignored in the mainstream press.


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