Professor Hans Stumpfeldt, Hamburg University (1941-2018)

Dear H-Asia members,

It is with great sadness that we have to make known the passing away of our teacher and colleague, the renowned sinologist Hans Stumpfeldt (9 September 1941-27 March 2018), Hamburg University. Please find linked below an obituary in German.

Uta Lauer

Re: In Memoriam | The Many Legacies of Marilyn B. Young: An Essay in Remembrance

Please note that one of the titles listed as a Marilyn B. Young publication at the end of the essay was, regrettably, misattributed:

David R. Marples and Marilyn J. Young, eds. Nuclear Energy and Security in the Former Soviet Union. Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 1999.

The online version at the H-Net Book Channel has been corrected to remove this title.

Re: In Memoriam | The Many Legacies of Marilyn B. Young: An Essay in Remembrance

On behalf of H-Asia let me extend our thanks to Professor Karl for this tribute to Professor Young, and also to the H-Net Book Channel and Assistant Editor Adrienne Tyrey for their work on it.

Please click on the link to view the essay on the web, where you will see the entire essay with the photographs embedded.

The Loss of Our Esteemed Colleague: Prof. Tim Carmichael



I am very sorry to inform you that Dr. Tim Carmichael, Associate Professor of History and Director of African Studies, has died.

As some of you know, Tim had stage 4, terminal pancreatic cancer.  His death was the result of multiple organ failure, following septic shock.  Tim’s spouse and colleague, Dr. Noelle Zeiner-Carmichael, Professor of Classics, was with Tim at the end.

Roger Fleming Hackett, 1922-2017 (contributed by Frank Joseph Shulman)

[Ed. note: H-Asia is privileged to post the obituary and tribute below for Professor Roger Hackett of the University of Michigan. It has been written, compiled and edited by Frank Joseph Shulman. The same essay has been posted on H-Japan.
Additional reminiscences of Prof. Hackett are welcome, and can be found or added here. RD]


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