JER Seeking Book Reviewers

Dear H-SHEAR Readers,

Jessica Chopin Roney and I have begun a three year term as co-editors of the book reviews section of the JER.  We have inherited the interested reviewers database but it is incomplete and out of date (Jess and I noted that neither of us is on it, for example).  If you are interested in reviewing for the JER please write to me at and include your areas of interest and expertise.  We will add you to the database.


Thank you very much.


Andy Shankman

Book Reviews at H-Early America

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to briefly introduce myself. I am the new book review editor for the network. My background as an early Americanist is in Native American, frontier, and settler colonial history. I am also interested in innovative pedagogies for teaching early American history. This is my first position on the H-Net staff, and I am eager to develop a valuable book review program for H-Early America

Call for Reviewers: New Jersey Studies

New Jersey Studies: An Intredisciplinary Journal seek reviewers on all areas of New Jersey history, society, and culture.


We invite any persons interested in reviewing books, websites, exhibits, and other texts of interest to our readers to submit your contact information and areas of expertise and interest to be added to our roster.


ANN: Call for Book Reviews for Studies in 20th and 21st Century Literature

Studies in 20th and 21st Century Literature, an open-access journal of post-1900 literature, seeks reviewers for a number of books on German literature and and film, as well as comparative literature and literary theory.  (

If you are interested in reviewing a book, please reply (nneuman[at] with the following information:

Call for book reviewers

Dear H-Maritime subscribers,

H-Maritime book review editor, Donna Sinclair is actively looking for book reviewers. If you are interested in sharing your scholarly assesment of the latest works on Maritime related topics in history, please send a brief cv and your specific foci to to get started. Just an fyi, reviewing for H-Maritime not only supplies you with the newest work(s) for you to review, but professional reviews are also considered a very positive addition to your professional cv.

Happy reading,


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