Author Interview--Thomas F. Curran (Women Making War) Part 1

Hello H-CivWar Readers:

Today we feature Thomas F. Curran to talk about his new book Women Making War: Female Confederate Prisoners and Union Military Justice, published by Southern Illinois University Press in October 2020.

Tom Curran received his doctorate from the University of Notre Dame. He teaches in the department of social studies at Cor Jesu Academy in St. Louis. His previous works include Soldier of Peace: Civil War Pacifism and the Postwar Radical Peace Movement (2003).

CFP: GSA 2021 - Seminar: “Women’s Drama and Theatre in German”, Indianapolis (25.01.2021)

Around 1800, the producer (or, “author”) and literary/stage protagonist (or, “hero”) came to be invariably coded as bourgeois middle class, white and male, whereas women received the part of actresses and translators. This gender dichotomy in the perception of male vs. female productivity kept shaping traditional approaches to drama and theatre across the ages, from late medieval well into the 20th century, reaching into our present.

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