CFP for 'Women and Violence in the Late Medieval Mediterranean, ca. 1100-1500', 27-28 September 2019, Maison Française d’Oxford, Oxford

This two-days conference explores assumptions linking violence and ideas of femininity in the late medieval Mediterranean (Latin Europe, Byzantine Commonwealth, Islamic world, Jewish communities in the Mediterranean). Papers on violence on women, female crime, women and war and any other aspect of the relationship between women and violence encouraged.

Keynote speakers
Professor Carol Lansing (UC Santa Barbara)
Professor Élisabeth Malamut (Université de Provence)
Conclusion by Professor Annick Peters-Custot (Université de Nantes)

Emergency Symposium: Academic Freedom and Gender Studies -- The Case in Hungary and a Response in Japan

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June 8 (Saturday), 2019


International Conference Room, 2F Dialogue House

International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan

Gender, Sex, Fantasy: 21st-Century "Cinderellas"

Hidden between the lines in fairy tales exists the history of fantasy about women and sexuality. Because of its world-wide popularity and rags-to-riches feel, the “Cinderella” fairy tale best demonstrates this literary historicity. Jack Zipes, Cristina Bacchilega, and others have argued for the significance of examining fairy tales and their adaptations to see what the driving force of each narrative is and what this might represent. In this collection, we will examine 21st-century “Cinderella” adaptations that explore gender, sexuality, and fantasy in new and exciting ways.


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