Higher Education Teaching Specialist for H-SAWH--Hello!

Hello H-SAWH! My name is Alexi Garrett, and I'm the new Higher Education Teaching Specialist editor for H-SAWH. It's nice to virtually "meet" you all! I'm finishing up my Ph.D. in early American history at the University of Virginia. I recently won UVA's All-Graduate Teaching Award, and I'm dedicated to the pedagogical components of our roles as educators and scholars. I love teaching undergrads, and I hope to learn more, and share more, about instruction in higher education with you all.

HURI Online Public Lecture: "Ukrainian Women's Literature and Visual Culture under Perestroika" (July 24th, 2020)

Public Lecture
Harvard Ukrainian Summer Institute

Gender, Embodiment, and Soviet Apocalypse in Ukrainian Women’s Literature and Visual Culture under Perestroika
Sandra Russell, PhD Candidate in Comparative Literature at the University of Massachusetts Amherst

Panel on Chinese feminisms for AAS 2021

We are looking for participants for a panel on "Post-Mao Chinese feminisms as transnational feminisms" for the Annual Meeting of the Association of Asian Studies in Seattle, March 2021. While there has been a great deal of scholarly attention to the emphasis on bentuhua ("localization") and "global" influences on post-Mao feminisms and women's organizing, there has been far less attention to how that feminist organizing and theory has in turn contributed to the "transnational" turn in contemporary feminist theorizing.

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