CFP: Session at SECAC 2019: Female Agency and Activism in the Arts of Eastern and Central Europe

Female artists, curators, and scholars have greatly influenced the cultural landscape of Eastern and Central Europe through their work, art, and initiatives. In addition, a number of women developed and expressed radical ideas about women’s place in society, lived realities, and gender roles during the socialist period and its aftermath.

CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENT - Intersectional and Interdisciplinary: Global Feminist Scholarship, Activism, and Resistance

The Center for the Study of Gender and Conflict is proud to announce our 7th annual conference!

Register now:

We envision this conference as an opportunity to bring together an intellectual community of feminists engaged in different forms of scholarship and practice including academic theorizing, art, and activism to share innovative ideas, approaches, and analyses for challenging gendered violence.

ANN: Maritime Toxic Masculinity Conference: Provisional Programme

Global Maritime History are pleased to announce the provisional conference programme for the Maritime Toxic Masculinity Digital Conference, which will go live on our website on Friday, April 26. We are excited by the extensive range of topics that our presenters will be discussing. The digital conference format provides us with the flexibility to hear from a diverse group of speakers and to accommodate creative projects.

Berks session

I am looking for a session for Berks. Are there others looking to create a session? Or is there a session that could use another paper? Please contact me if you are interested. The deadline is coming up soon.

Possibilities: Children, Nature, religion, 19th Century, female writers, popular culture.  My paper is “Nature Writing for Children from the 19th Century Sunday School Movement.” 


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