Online resource - Secondary Archive

Visit to discover statements and histories of three generations of artists from Ukraine and Belarus. 70 artists from Ukraine and Belarus have just joined the Secondary Archive project – a unique initiative that responds to the problem of the lack of visibility of women from Central and Eastern Europe in recent art history.

Website of the project GHOST - Geographies and Histories of the Ottoman Supernatural Tradition

Dear friends and colleagues,

The project GHOST - Geographies and Histories of the Ottoman Supernatural Tradition is now online. You can check our activities in our website:

Please bear patience with the incomplete parts (especially the bibliography, which is constantly updated). You can also check our facebook and twitter accounts:

New Website: Fingerprinting in the Modern World

Dear colleagues,

I would like to announce the launch of "Fingerprinting in the Modern World" (, a website that provides resources for teaching the history of fingerprinting in secondary and college-level humanities, life sciences, and forensic science classes. 

The website provides instructional materials (short narrative modules, video lectures, online quizzes) on the following topics:

More than 40 interview clips of feminist activists online

Dear colleagues,

We've just put more than 40 interview clips online of feminist activists talking about their memories of the women's movement. About half of them appear on a website we've launched specifically to document the herstory of the women's movement in Berlin as told by activists. If you speak some German and are interested, you can read a summary of the projects below. The links to the clips and the website are also mentioned.

We're looking forward to your feedback.

All the best from the feminist archive FFBIZ in Berlin,
Friederike Mehl

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