NEW: Slave Voyages 2.0 Live at

On behalf of the Voyages Team, it is a pleasure to announce the launch of the second version of the slave voyages website today at

We thank our collaborators, supporters, and users. We hope that the website will continue serving as a site for education, research, and remembrance of that tragic chapter in human history. 

Best wishes, 

Daniel B. Domingues da Silva
Assistant Professor
Department of History
Rice University

Web: Transnational Anticommunism and the Cold War: Agents, Activities, Networks

Giles Scott-Smith:  This is the Introduction to the Transnational Anti-Communism book I compiled together with Stephanie Roulin and Luc van Dongen, following the conference they organised at the University of Fribourg: 'Les dimensions transnationale de l'anticommunisme de la guerre froid', October 2011.  

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