Re: QUERY> Marginalized voices on peace, war, and violence in Japan

Jeff Schroeder writes that Makiguchi Tsunesaburō protested Japan's war policies. Unfortunately, this is not accurate as I explain in detail in my article entitled, "Sōka Gakkai Founder, Makiguchi Tsunesaburō, A Man of Peace?"

The article is available on the Web here:

Available for SMH Panel - Middle East Specalist

  Fellow Scholars and H-War Professionals,

      I am posting this because I have seen some people asking for last minute panel participants or needed scholars for filling out panels.

      My name is James Bowden, M.A. and I am a research historian whose focus in on the Middle East. I am also an in-between posts World History teacher that arrived back in the US from teaching in Mongolia for the last two-years at The Shildeg School in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

QUERY> Marginalized voices on peace, war, and violence in Japan

Dear colleagues,

I am working with a student doing research on Buddhist conceptions of and approaches to peace, war, and violence, mainly in modern Japan (20th and 21st centuries). It seems that most of the work on this topic is from the perspective of political and religious elites (such as the work of Brian Victoria). I would appreciate recommendations on sources (English or Japanese) which offer other perspectives on this topic, including women's perspetives or marginilzed voices.

Thanks in advance,

Ben Nourse

University of Denver

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