Re: Probability of kill for American Civil War artillery and infantry

Mr Kirchubel, whilst Downey has gone absent from the shelves of my bookshelve, The Rifle Musket in Civil War. remains.

Remembering that I am some 8.500 miles from your location, can I help you in any way?

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Probability of kill for American Civil War artillery and infantry

Dear H-Warriors,

My organization ( is modeling Pickett's Charge in an effort to improve/expand/modernize old Lanchester type attrition models. Our fluid dynamics prof is having one body of fluid smash into another. Last month we had an article on our early work on the topic published in the online "Journal of the Operational Research Society."

Re: Flanagan on Myers, 'The Pacific War and Contingent Victory: Why Japanese Defeat Was Not Inevitable'

>We can't re-run the Pacific War 10,000 times to see if the US always wins. We can come up with plausible arguments on both >sides -- America's overwhelming economic advantage!

I recall reading in Ernest R. May's book "Strange Victory: Hitler's Conquest of France" about attempts of the US Army to recreate the 1940 Low countries campaign via computer simulations, and how only direct human intervention allowed the Germans to win over the Allies. That is probably the closest one can get in testing the hypothesis of whether Japan could win the war.

Stephen Satkiewicz


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