War of 1812: Roberts on King, Henry Clay

Many thanks for your Review and commentary here about War of 1812. You will find included in this reply a pix of the Table upon which the Treaty of Ghent, ending the 1812 War was signed.

It is found in a House/Museum in Washington DC. From memory the House is located about halfway on 18th St. between Pennsylvania Ave. where it meets the southern  corner of the White House and Constitution Ave., where the old Main Navy Dept building was located, before they moved to their newer facilities.

Fort Washington: Even the Founders Made Mistakes

For all their achievements, even America's Founders were capable of mistakes. Shown in this photo, one of those is considerably important; a photo[1968 or 9] of Fort Washington in Maryland, along the Northeastern banks of the Potomac River.

[While not my most successful photography], It does display one of the more remarkable colonial era Forts, preserved quite complete, now by the National Park Service.

Its location on the North side of the Potomac is across from George Washington's estate at Mt. Vernon, on the Virginia South riverside.

Jean Baptiste Assiginack / The Starling (aka Blackbird): Anishnaabeg in the War of 1812

Recently at Borealia, Alan Corbiere continued his series on Anishnaabeg in the War of 1812, with a look at the life of Jean Baptiste Assigninack, also known as The Starling or Blackbird. Here’s a taste of the essay:

"On the morning of October 5, 1861, 96 year old Odaawaa Chief Jean Baptiste Assiginack of the Biipiigwenh (Sparrowhawk) clan rose from his slumber and got dressed. J.B.


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