Re: Warrior and Soldier, what’s the difference?

Thanks for the recommendation, John. Except when Ricks is referring to George Marshal (and maybe Ike and Ridgeway), _The Generals_ is anything but hagiographic - he rips Army generalship a new one, or at least damns with faint praise, on every page.

Rob Kirchubel

PS: Self promotion is completely acceptable, and indeed expected!

Re: Warrior and Soldier, what’s the difference?

Rob, Try Edgar Puryear's _American Admiralship: The Moral Imperatives of Naval Command_, published (of course) by Naval Institute Press---it is more hagiographic than Ricks' Generals and is based on a series of oral history interviews.
Self promotion alert, my chapter for the upcoming Cambridge anthology (eds. Murray and Mansoor) will include a post-WWII chapter on Navy culture, but it looks at several important admirals --Zumwalt, Rickover, Turner.
R, John

John T. Kuehn
Ft. Leavenworth Kansas

Re: Warrior and Soldier, what’s the difference?

Dear H-Warriors,

Warrior and Soldier plus Thomas E. Ricks _The Generals_

After a couple of years schlepping around Ricks’ book and cherry picking from it for various courses, I finally read it cover to cover. Between my 28 years in the US Army plus academic/avocational/professional study of that same Army, I found the book to be >95% correct. Ricks, setting out to investigate the Army’s generalship, barely mentions the other services (as it should be).


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