CS: Love, Madness, and Decay in fin-de-siècle Vienna

An introduction to the culture of turn-of-the-century Vienna, one of the birthplaces of Modernism. The work of writers, artists and architects, composers, and thinkers in various fields will be studied against the background of the political and social history of the last years of the Habsburg Monarchy.

CS: Freud's Vienna

The history and culture of Vienna may be perceived as emblems of the history and culture of European civilization. One might even see Vienna as that civilization writ small and therefore intensified, its positive and negative characteristics somehow magnified because of that condensation. The center of the western civilized world from the baroque era on, it became the home of some of the greatest movements in music, architecture, art, literature and social and political upheaval as well as the center of the largest European empire in history.

CONF-REPORT: Vienna 1900: Current Discourses on Fin-de-siècle Vienna

Workshop - Report

Vienna 1900: Current Discourses on Fin-de-siècle Vienna

International Center, University of New Orleans (UNO)
October 24-25, 2016

Author: Rapporteur Tobias Auböck (New Orleans, 2. Nov. 2016)


  • Center Austria: The Austrian Marshall Plan Center for European Studies, UNO
  • Haus der Geschichte, Vienna



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