Panel on Non-participation as an Anti-Imperialist Endeavor seeks Utopian Scholars

Dear fellow Utopians,

we have organized a panel at this year's German association for American Studies annual conference ( I explicitly had utopian communities in mind when I wrote it, so maybe there is someone out there who would like to join us.

Here's the CfP:

Divided We Stand: Non-participation as Anti-Imperial Endeavor?

Verena Adamik (Potsdam), Kristina Baudemann (Flensburg)

Call for Panelists: "Utopian Islands in Global Currents" at the SUS 2016

Dear colleagues,

I am looking for 2 -3 panelists, each providing a 15 minute paper (to leave room for discussions) to form a panel on utopian islands in global currents at the 41st meeting of the Society for Utopian Studies in St. Petersburg, Florida.

CALL FOR PANELISTS: “Utopias of Scale at the Turn of the Twentieth Century,” American Historical Association (AHA), Jan. 5-8, 2017, Denver

This is a call for 1-2 panelists and suggestions for a chair for a paper session at the annual meeting of the American Historical Association (AHA) in Denver, Colorado, January 5-8, 2017.

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