CFP: Dystopia and Utopia in Contemporary German Literature and Film (15.07.2020)

CFP: "Dystopia and Utopia in Contemporary German Literature and Film"; PAMLA in Las Vegas, Nevada, Nov 12-15, 2020 [July 15, 2020]

Call for Papers for the Special Session "Dystopia in Contemporary German Literature and Film" at PAMLA in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

SFF Book Clubs in Chicago Historical Data


Here's a fascinating bit of data mining on SFF book clubs in the Chicago area, not dissimilar to the analyses Ken Roemer has done over the years of the SUS program content. Shared with permission from Jake Casella. Something to ponder in your quarantines.

The study:

Hope everyone is safe out there!

Re: Dissertation Chapter Help

Hi Brittany,

I am a scholar-teacher in nineteenth- and twentieth-century American literature. I adapted our university's undergraduate "Western Literature II" course this spring 2020 semester as "Utopia in the Western World" beginning with Thomas More's Utopia and ending with Nnedi Okorafor's Lagoon in a roughly-chronological arrangement. I'd be happy to share my syllabus with you and/or any assignments that might be helpful. Please email me at

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