Re: Precision Drill: US Marine Corps in History

I was on the NROTC drill team at USC (west coast) around 1972-3. Our drill was modeled on 8th and I, albeit with a smaller group. We also did the rifle toss over the shoulder, which we thought was impressive. Never did anything with hats falling off and Top Callan, our coach and the assistant Marine Instructor, wouldn't have tolerated anything that wasn't strictly "Old Corps."


Re: Precision Drill: US Marine Corps in History

Quick answer without knowing for sure the drill unit performance plans, probably yes, was accident.

Saw the Marines barracks, in DC, do this during Johnson's term of office, summer show 68, and no such move was part of their action.

Here is same performance at a High School; no hats fell off this one:

Re: Precision Drill: US Marine Corps in History

And a happy Easter to all!

I have to ask, was the dropped hat // pickup // placement on his head a deliberate part of that exhibition?

I was on a precision drill team back in Air Force ROTC in college; toting an '03 Springfield, learned spins, tosses, the Queen Anne Salute and a few other tricks, performed all over Southern Illinois. Thrilled the spectators when all 12 rifle butts hit the ground at the same instant, one loud crack.

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