Query: History of Dog Ownership in the U.S.

Have you looked at Katherine C. Grier's Pets in America? I am working on a book on human-dog relationships in the nineteenth century and most of my sources are archival, but Grier's book does discuss lower and middle class pet ownership, so I believe that would be your best bet.


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Query: History of Dog Ownership in the U.S.


I tried to do something like this in chapter 3 of my book, If You Tame Me (2004, Temple University Press). You might find that useful. Other resources, not all focused on the United States:

A few suggestions: 

Blaisdell, John. 1999. "The Rise of Man's Best Friend." Anthrozoos 12(2): 76-87.

Fogle, Bruce. 1999. "The Changing Roles of Animals in Society." Anthrozoos 12(4): 234-239.

Franklin, Adrian. 1999. Animals & Modern Cultures, SAGE.  

Grier, Katherine C. 2006. Pets in America: A History, by Katherine Grier, UNC Press.

Query: History of Dog Ownership in the U.S.

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a history of dog ownership in the U.S. around the early 20th century.  I am mostly interested in the relationships lower to middle class Americans had with their pets.  For instance, at what point are people treating dogs as part of the family unit?  The closest research I can find is Mark Derr's A Dog's History of America.  Derr's book has been very useful, but his examples (dog fanciers and famous dogs, e.g., Balto and Rin Tin Tin) don't quite answer the questions I have.


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