Matt Davidson and research on Native Americans in Kentucky - part of a world economy

When we think of Kentucky, we rarely imagine its global connections today or in the past. However, we cannot ignore that here in the foothills of the great Allegheny Mountain ranges and an integral part of the Ohio Valley region, we were - and continue to be - a part of a worldwide network. We have evidence of this kind of interactivity that reaches back as far as the Late Fort Ancient (1400-1680 CE) in Greenup County. Finding themselves between several European colonies by the 17th century, many Native American peoples took advantage of the demand for trade in animal hides.

Belva Anne Lockwood gives public lecture at State College

A leader in woman’s rights and suffrage as well as the National Equal Rights Party’s 1884 presidential nominee, Mrs. Belva Anne Lockwood gave a public lecture at State College (now the University of Kentucky) on “The Woman of Today.” The event was well advertised and supported by the Fayette County Equal Rights Association.


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