Seeking Panelists for SHA 2023


I am a 5th year PhD Candidate at Mississippi State University working on 20th century labor in the Sunbelt South. I am seeking other scholars for a panel focused on 20th century southern labor, unionization, recreation/theme parks, and/or political realignment. 

My paper will examine narratives of labor at the Walt Disney parks and contrast them with the work done by cast members and explore thier unionization efforts. 

John Brophy - A Pennsylvania Miner's Life

Even though he had impacted the lives of generations of my family who labored in the coal mines of England, and Scotland, and Pennsylvania, John Brophy is the most important labor leader nobody knows. I did not know who he was before I deposited myself in the Catholic University Archives, home of Brophy’s Papers, in 1989.

Author's Announcement: New Book: Working-Class Politics in the German Revolution - Richard Müller, the Revolutionary Shop Stewards and the Origins of the Council Movement

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