Re: Environmental History Twitter Hashtags?

Yes, #envhist is the main hashtag, as others have noted.

Our community also uses:
#climhist = climate history
#wxhistory = weather history
#aghist = agricultural history
#envhum = environmental humanities

But typically these are all used in conjunction with #envhist

-Jessica DeWitt

Re: Environmental History Twitter Hashtags?

Dear Greg,

the go-to hashtag for all things environmental history is definitely #envhist. It has proven so successful that there is even some literature about it:

Kheraj, Sean and K. Jan Oosthoek.“Online Digital Communication, Networking, and Environmental History” in Methodological Challenges in Nature-Culture and Environmental History Research. Eds. Jocelyn Thorpe, Stephanie Rutherford, and L. Anders Sandberg. London: Routledge, 2017. Pgs. 233-247.

Environmental History Twitter Hashtags?

Do you use twitter?  I will admit my "twitter game" is very weak. I use it mainly to follow opinions, as opposed to voicing my own.There was a very interesting episode on The Way of Improvement Leads Home podcast about "twitterstorians." You can access this through the links tab at the H-Environment home page. In the introduction to the podcast, host John Fea rattled off a couple of hashtags related to history that he routinely checks.


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