Online lecture July 14, 18.30 JST: Future Visions of a (Digital) Public Sphere: Findings from Japan

You are cordially invited to the next DIJ Social Science Study Group on

Tuesday, July 14th 2020, 18:30h JST
Future Visions of a (Digital) Public Sphere: Findings from Japan

Michel Hohendanner, Munich University of Applied Sciences
Chiara Ullstein, Technical University of Munich

(Organised by Susanne Brucksch, DIJ)

From Twitter

These past few weeks in the twittersphere, the commemorations of the abolition of slavery in France took place virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic. Read more here.


A monument is planned for St. Louis, Missouri, that will honor hundreds of enslaved men and women who fought for freedom. Learn more here.


Canadian Journal of Disability Studies Twitter Chat

Hi folks, 

Your friendly (?) neighborhood Knowledge Mobilization Editor for the Canadian Journal of Disability Studies (CJDS) here. 

CJDS will be continuing our monthly Twitter chat over the spring/summer term. 

The dates and topics are as follows:

Monday, May 11th

8:00pm Eastern Time

Disability and Popular Culture


Thursday, June 11th
8:00pm Eastern Time
Disability and Chronic Illness


From Twitter

These past two weeks in the twittersphere, Phyllis Stephen met with Sir Geoffrey Palmer to explore the connection between Edinburgh's New Town and the Atlantic slave trade. Learn more here.


From Twitter

During these past two weeks in the twittersphere, a scholar at Newcastle University discovered the last known survivor of the transatlantic slave trade to the United States. Learn more here.


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