Re: Rates for translating and transcribing

The cost depends on how long the interview is.

While normally, we rely on volunteers for transcriptions (and interviews), when we had a time crunch, the excellent transcription service we used for some of the interviews did include translations, when needed, for an immigration oral history project. The cost ranged from $175 to $325, per interview, depending on the length of the interview. Please note that is 2016 prices and the $325 was for a very long, 90 plus minute interview.

Rates for translating and transcribing

Good afternoon, all!

I have been approached by a retired university professor who has conducted a number of interviews with French citizens who recalled their experiences during World War II.  They are audio-only interviews (in French) that he'd like to have transcribed in English.  Has anyone had experience doing this and if so, can you advise on the "going rate" for such work?

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