Using Voyant Tools in the Undergraduate Research Classroom

Heather Froehlich,  Literary Informatics Librarian at Penn State University, writes about an undergraduate research course on Early Modern Recipes that involves transcription and linguistic analysis, using Voyant.

Source: Heather Froehlich blog, April 22, 2019,

Transcription, Time Code, and OHMS (Feedback Requested)

When I first designed OHMS back in 2008/2009, there were very few instances of oral history transcripts that contained time code.  So I built OHMS to efficiently place time code into a transcript (at 1-minute intervals).  Now, transcripts commonly contain time code references in one way or another. One of my goals for OHMS has been to add the capablity to import transcripts that already contain time code references, and to automatically map / synchronize to the time code in the uploaded transcript, no matter what the interval.

CFP: SSHA panels on transcription and data capture

We are seeking papers for two related sessions at the Social Science History meeting this year about creating data from handwritten records. One session (602, organizer Evan Roberts) will focus on transcription and data capture. Papers that might fit in this session could report on innovative ways to organize, fund and undertake manual or semi-automatic transcription from handwriting or printed sources. 

Another session (618, organizer Steven Ruggles) will focus on automatic handwriting recognition and its applications to historical social science. 

Transcription Service with Experience on Sexual Health, Identity Issues


I'm an independent scholar and author, and have operated an academia-oriented transcription service for 25 years from the
Chicago area to support my writing. Over the years it has grown a lot, and we are a preferred vendor for many universities across the US and Canada, including Northwestern, the University of California-Irvine and the University of Washington. We have also transcribed many qualitative studies on how gender identity influences the healthcare experience for the University of Chicago, and have transcribed for several books for scholars on LGBTQ issues.

Transcribus (resource)


I am passing this link to an article in Euronews on from the National Coalition of Independent Scholars.  Before you get too excited, note that users may need to transcribe 75 pages manually to teach the algorithm how to recognize the handwriting and the software will be "commercially available," [i.e. for a charge] soon.  Still, it is a very promising initiative.

"Transkribus System makes Breakthrough in Understanding Ancient Texts"


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