Guest Post: Why Do University Presses Publish Trade Books?

By Tony Sanfilippo

University presses were established to publish scholarly books—that’s our chief mission. But it’s not all we do. In this guest post, Ohio State University Press director Tony Sanfilippo talks about when and why university presses publish trade books—those intended for a general, non-specialist readership. --Catherine Cocks

Re: Author persists with Outrages (comment)

Unfortunately, Dr. Wolf has long been infamous (justifiably or not) for historical inaccuracies and spotty research, with vettings at academic and publisher levels falling short. (It does not sound, by the way, as if trained period historians were part of the review process at any point for OUTRAGES.)

From the Web: The Rise of America's Prison Empire

On Process, an OAH blog on American history, Robert Perkinson discusses the formation of the United States penal system and the development of his book Texas Tough: The Rise of America’s Prison Empire (Metropolitan Books, 2010). Perkinson describes the process of rewriting and publishing his dissertation project:


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