Swedish publisher Gui Minhai now held by China for over 1000 days. X-post of update from H-Asia, Aug. 5, 2018


Gui Minhai, the Swedish citizen, publisher and poet kidnapped from Thailand and detained by China since October 2015, has now been held for more than 1000 days. 

Recent developments are a mix of good news, and disheartening news: 


Dear H-Asia, please see my new online publication on how China's government manipulates foreign media around the world, to take in the torture confessions, which they produce through torture, coercion, scripting, and choreography, and then broadcast for domestic AND global consumption: 

Fiskesjö, Magnus. "Confessions Made in China." Made in China 3.1 (January-March 2018). http://www.chinoiresie.info/confessions-made-in-china/

Re: "Hong Kong publisher kidnapped in Thailand and taken to China"

Member publication: Confessions Made in China

Dear all,

This is my new article on how media even outside China will sometimes swallow, and help disseminate (sometimes unwittingly, sometimes knowingly as with South China Morning Post), the worst kind of Chinese state propaganda: the TV confessions spectacles, coerced and produced under torture, including in Gui Minhai's case: 


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