ToC: International Journal of Military History and Historiography 39, no. 1 (2019).

Table of Contents
pp. 1–6

Britain, Austria, and the “Burden of War” in the Western Mediterranean, 1703–1708
By Caleb Karges
pp. 7–33

The King and His Army: A New Perspective on the Military in 18th Century Brandenburg-Prussia
By Carmen Winkel
pp. 34–62

Plan Z: The Popular Front, Civil-Military Relations and the French Army’s Plan to Defeat a Second Paris Commune, 1934–1936
By Andrew Orr
pp. 63–87

Unsung Heroes? The Rhodesian Defence Regiment and Counterinsurgency, 1973–80
By Evans B. Tsigo and Enock Ndawana
pp. 88–120

8.1 Gentrification and Heritage Conservation 

8.1 Gentrification and Heritage Conservation 

Change Over Time is pleased to announce the launch of issue 8.1 Gentrification and Heritage Conservation. This issue provides a valuable contribution to a more rigorous discourse and, we hope, constructive action regarding the gentrification/conservation intersection. Through various lenses of policy, history, climate change, and community development the articles in this issue critically examine conservation as an agent of neighborhood change.


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