NEW BOOKS> Six New Shambala Releases and a Tibetan Language Learning Resource

Dear Friends,

I have several anouncements of recent books, followed by a link to resources for stuying Tibetan language that I hope will be of interest to many on this list.  

1. Living Theravada: Demystifying the People, Places, and Practices of a Buddhist Tradition
By Brooke Schedneck (Rhodes College)

Call For Applications > 2023 Glorisun International and Intensive Program with Peking University, August 9–22

2023 Glorisun International and Intensive Program on Buddhist Studies

Co-organized by Glorisun Network for Buddhist Studies @ Peking University and UBC

(August 9 – August 22, 2023 with Peking University)


Buddhist studies lectures Mondays 5pm Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern studies Trinity Term 2023

University of Oxford 

Glorisun Lecture Series in Buddhist Studies 2022-2023


the Yin-Cheng Distinguished Lecture 2023


Trinity Term 2023

Lecture Room 1 at 5:00pm  

Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies  

Pusey Lane  

LECTURE> Rice University/Dunhuang Foundation: Dr. Anne Blackburn on Sukhothai Inscriptions in Indian Ocean Perspective

Dear all, 

We are excited to announce the fifth lecture in the online series with Rice University's Department of Transnational Asian Studies and the Dunhuang Foundation, which explores questions of transnationality as encountered on the Silk Roads and elsewhere in Asia.

NEW BOOK> On Cambodian Songs (Trent Walker) and the 50 Buddhist Books of 2022

I am pleased to share a new release that I hope will be of keen interest to those on this list as well as links to recaps of the fifty books on Buddhism we published in 2022. 

1. Until Nirvana’s Time: Buddhist Songs from Cambodia
By Trent Walker, foreword by Kate Crosby

CFP: Emerging Voices in the Study of Theravada Civilizations

We are happy to announce that, as part of the AAS Theravada Studies Group Meeting, we are hosting two short presentations showcasing new research by recent PhDs and graduate students who are working on their dissertation or first manuscript. Following these presentations, we will have respondents and a larger group discussion, focusing on these research projects.

Re: CALL FOR PAPERS> Emerging Voices in the Study of Theravada Civilizations

Dear All,

Please note that the call for papers is legible when you link to it on H-Net, using the link in the original post, which I give again here:

I am not sure why the post's lines are crushed in email display, or even whether they are so on other members' computers, but they certainly made it illegible on my computer. My apologies.

Franz Metcalf

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