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In seinem viel beachteten Aufsatz „Constructing the Jazz Tradition: Jazz Historiography“ wies der amerikanische Musikwissenschaftler Scott DeVeaux 1991 darauf hin, dass die Geschichte des Jazz ein Konstrukt sei, welches sich im Zeichen des Post-Strukturalismus nur bedingt aufrecht erhalten ließe. Die Entwicklungsgeschichte des Jazz sei demnach zutiefst ideologisch behaftet und müsse grundsätzlich überdacht werden. Es sollten neue

The Suffrage Movement

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It is my hope with this blog to share my successes and failures on incorporating women’s history into my American history courses.  I will also share the sources that I use to communicate the information to my students and encourage their interest.  Each blog will look at a topic in women’s history and how I incorporated it into a survey course.    

 “Who knows what the word suffrage means?”  The forty blank faces that stared at me like the economics teacher in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off prompted me to reassess the topics I covered in the survey history courses I teach.  All professors who have

Course Description

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What do others see when they look at the United States? Whether they refer to it as the “Land of Savages,” the “Land of Promise,” or the “Land of Contrasts,” this country has long fueled the imagination of those who view it from afar—attracting many, while repelling others.  But why is that? What makes the U.S. such a magnet for praise and criticism? What can we learn about “us” if we try to “step outside”? Join us in exploring these questions by looking at the United States’ political, social, and cultural history in a global and transnational context.