Re: Some Resources on the War against Ukraine

And I should add, for what it's worth, anyone on the internet should be able to search and browse H-Net's main Reviews page for keywords like "Putin" and "Ukraine." Since H-Net has publised over 40,000 academic book reviews, its main reviews repository can be a treasure trove for those looking for further readings that can provide deep context. 

The following search for "Putin" returns over 100 reviews, although of course a few look to be false positives: 

Some Resources on the War against Ukraine

Dear H-Nationalism Subscribers, 

I would like to thank Dr. Andrea Orzoff of New Mexico State University for agreeing to share the following list of information sources re. the conflict. She initially compiled it with an eye to sharing with students, but also graciously agreed to share it here on the principle that many of our readers may find it helpful (especially since many have their own students). Thanks! 

TEACHING RESOURCE> Thirteen Buddhist Deities of Japan (70 Annotated Photos; 84 Pages)

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Discussion published by Mark Schumacher on Saturday, July 28, 2018 


I have recently uploaded a Condensed Visual Classroom Guide titled:
Thirteen Buddhist Deities of Japan
Exploring Their Origins & Roles in Japanese Death Rites & Funerary Art

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