Teaching Women and Antebellum Slavery

Jessica Moore has created a new blog post on teaching women and antebellum slavery. You can find this either from the list of new content on the H-SAWH front page or by looking for the Blog link in the right column.

How do YOU teach this? 

We can discuss by Replying to this post or by adding a discussion post to the blog itself.



The First Week

Noah Webster's Teaching Blog

Now that schools are back in session (weather permitting of course) I'm curious for ideas about what to do in that dreaded first week. I usually spend the first class going over the syllabus and class expectations. This usually ends being a somewhat wasted exercise since I have to answer questions throughout the semester while restraining myself from yelling "Read the Syllabus!" I then spend the remainder of the week discussing the the introductions to the main texts for the course.

Teaching (the Early Republic)

Noah Webster's Teaching Blog

This will serve as the inaugural post of the teaching blog here at H-SHEAR. I hope we will have many participants, as both posters and commenters, but I wanted to get the ball rolling and introduce myself. I am a Network Editor here at H-SHEAR and I am currently a Visting Professor at Loyola University Maryland. Prior to graduate school I taught Middle School for three years and I have a Masters in Teaching.

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