H-Net Resources and Coronavirus Disruptions

Dear All, 

I know many of you are scrambling to get your courses online or figure out what to do with conference papers because of the dislocations caused by the coronavirus. H-Net offers the following two sites to help out: 

Online Teaching Resources: https://networks.h-net.org/teaching-online-resources

Remote Conference Presentations: https://networks.h-net.org/remote-conference-presentations

Kind Regards, 

Dave Prior

Online Teaching Resources

This page will be continually updated with freely available teaching resources designed to be used in online instruction in Diplomatic History and International Relations. This is part of H-Diplo's commitment to serving its community amid COVID-19 and any future disruptions that necessitate short- or long-term shifts to online instruction. The sources include items submitted by H-Diplo subscribers in addition to some curated by the H-Diplo editorial team. Where submissions included a description of the resource, those have been only lightly edited.

Re: Documentary recommendation - sites of memory in China

Dear Leksa,

Kudos on your initiative to adapt your class to these new circumstances.

Instead of a documentary, you might consider taking your site visit online.

A search for "网上历史博物馆" or ”网上革命纪念馆" will take you to a wide range of virtual museums. I include some samples below--each one also links to a large number of similar sites. They're all heavily curated, which makes them ideal for a class project. (A search for "网上纪念馆" will take you to sites that house online memorials for the deceased).

From H-Net's Job Guide

The following jobs were posted to the H-Net Job Guide from  9 March 2020 to 16 March 2020.  These job postings are included here based on the categories selected by the list editors for H-Slavery.  See the H-Net Job Guide website at
http://www.h-net.org/jobs/ for more information.  To contact the Job Guide,
write to jobguide@mail.h-net.org, or call +1-517-432-5134 between 9 am and 5 pm US Eastern time.


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