New Book: Islam in Modern Turkey by Kim Shively (Edinburgh University Press)

Edinburgh University Press just released Islam in Modern Turkey, by Kim Shively. The book is an introductory text focusing on the relationship between religion and politics in Turkey over the 20th and 21st centuries. It is geared particularly for undergraduates and for general readers who do not have a lot of background knowledge about Turkey.

Re: Teaching Blog #2: Writing Eugenics into a Survey Course: A First-Time Instructor Reflects

Glad to hear you're using the film The Black Stork. If your students are confused by it, you might have them read 3 short encyclopedia entries I wrote that might help:
“Eugenics,” “Haiselden, Harry,” and “Black Stork,” in Encyclopedia of American Disability History, ed. Susan Burch (NY: Facts on File, 2009), pp. 114-15, 333-37, and 418-19..
Of course chapters from my book The Black Stork would be a good follow-up.
Martin Pernick

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