NEW BOOK> Canonical Book of the Buddha's Lengthy Discourses, Volume II

Dear Friends,

BDK America announces the immediate availability of the second volume of The Canonical Book of the Buddha's Lengthy Discourses, translated by Shohei Ichimura (209 pages). Volume I was published in 2015. Volume III is forthcoming. The three volumes make up the complete text of Taisho 1 in the Taisho edition of the Mahayana canon. These publications are part of the ongoing BDK English Tripitaka series.

Re: CALL FOR DATA> Vectorization Analysis of Taishō (Fritz Kemler)

Dear Dr. Kemler,

I was not at all aware of "TF-IDF" analysis, so I looked at the Wikipedia article on it. It seems very interesting. I also looked at the web page you mentioned in your posting. It also seems very interesting. But for us who have no ideas about these informatic technology, could you please elaborate a little further what we would be able to do with your tools?

CALL FOR DATA> Vectorization Analysis of Taisho (Kemler)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

After preparing a TF/IDF vectorization of the complete  Taishō e-text set and building some tools for distance computation and hierarchical cluster analysis I would like to evaluate the usefulness in assisting people working with the Taishō in the traditional philological way. The texts are taken from the DVD-ISO  File  "CBETA 電子佛典集成 April 2014". The term set used for vectorization is Charles Mullers Digital Dictionary of Buddhism. He kindly provided the latest version in 1.2015.

What I would need:

New digitized collection of Meiji/Taisho juvenile fiction at Penn web site

I’m excited to announce that Penn has finished digitizing a collection of juvenile fiction from the Meiji and Taisho periods, including many books in the Tatsukawa (Tachikawa) Bunko series and many involving Sarutobi Sasuke. You can access high quality scans (as well as small ones) via this site:

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