H-Slavery Interview with Julia Carroll

Julia Carroll is a PhD Candidate in Boston University’s American & New England Studies Program (AMNESP). She studies histories of the Atlantic world, specifically intersections of religion, race, and the physical landscape. Her dissertation explores eighteenth-century proslavery evangelical itinerants, including George Whitefield and his Calvinist-Methodist transatlantic network, and their influence on public policy and notions of race.


To begin, tell me a bit about yourself and your scholarly work.

H-Slavery Interview with Dr. Ana Lucia Araujo

H-Slavery is delighted to launch this new series of interviews with our subscribers, with much appreciation for Matthew Dawdy of Iowa State University for organizing it. The series aims to highlight the diversity of our field of study and to discuss topics related to teaching, research, and public engagement. Matt's first interview in the series, with Dr.

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