Re: Oklahoma ?

Wilbur Zelinsky wrote about Oklahoma in his book Cultural Geography of the United States. He categorized the state as one of three US regions of “uncertain status or affiliation.” (The other two were Texas and peninsula Florida.)

Zelinsky more or less said Oklahoma was divided culturally and geographically east and west. The eastern half of Oklahoma bordering Arkansas used to grow cotton and was like the South, but the western half is more like the Great Plains.

Re: Oklahoma ?

Given Oklahoma's Native American history and energy industry, I always thought of the state in the larger context of the West. If anything, it does raise (or repeat) a larger question regarding the study of American regionalism: to what extent can regions be defined by state boundaries? It's certainly convenient but, as works like Fischer's Albion's Seed or Woodward's American Nations show, things are not always so clearly defined.

Re: Oklahoma ?

Hi Wyatt,

Good question! Speaking as an editor of H-Midwest, we came up with some early definitions for our purposes, and our Midwest did not include Oklahoma. But we also consider our definition not flexible but perhaps completely unnecessary.


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