Call for Chapter Proposals - "Duelism:" Confronting Sport through Its Doubles

We are seeking chapter proposals for a collection that critically engages with sports in society by exploring them alongside other concepts, institutions, or peoples. From nationhood to gender, to class and violence, we will gather critical readings from sport scholars that acknowledge and interrogate the concept of sport by exploring its ongoing struggles with various cultural entities: an approach we have termed “duelism.” Resultantly, we are interested in submissions that treat sport’s “duelity,” by considering sport in constant cultural combat.

Football Scholars Forum 2018-19 Wrap Up

The Football Scholars Forum's 2018-19 season recently came to a close.

Launched in 2010 in the History Department at Michigan State University, the online community of academics, students, and journalists held six sessions. These featured authors Amy Bass, Sebastian Abbot, Stefan Szymanski and Silke-Maria Weineck, Todd Cleveland, Rachel Allison, and Ian Plenderleith. Audio recordings of the sessions are freely available at

'New Books in Sports' Seeking Podcast Hosts

New Books in Sports ( is currently seeking hosts interested in conducting interviews with authors of new books on sports, the history of sports, and related fields. Hosting the channel is a good way to bring the work of scholars of sports to the attention of large audiences.


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