Call for Chapter Proposals - "Duelism:" Confronting Sport through Its Doubles

We are seeking chapter proposals for a collection that critically engages with sports in society by exploring them alongside other concepts, institutions, or peoples. From nationhood to gender, to class and violence, we will gather critical readings from sport scholars that acknowledge and interrogate the concept of sport by exploring its ongoing struggles with various cultural entities: an approach we have termed “duelism.” Resultantly, we are interested in submissions that treat sport’s “duelity,” by considering sport in constant cultural combat.

Somatic Podcast - Ep 10, Toward a More Critical Sport Management

For some time, sport historians, sociologists, and sport management scholars have argued and lobbied for engendering a more critical sport management field, in which students and scholars can focus on the dialectical relations between the sport industry and the growing academic discipline.  With each year, more and more publication from outlets re

Call for Papers: Journal of Emerging Sports Studies

The Journal of Emerging Sport Studies (JESS) welcomes submissions for our Spring 2019 issue. We recognize at JESS the the study of sport is as broad as it is ripe for potential in a number of fields and discipline. Thus, we accept scholarly research articles and critical commentaries from any field within the inter-disciplinary study of sport.


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