New Content on Anthropology News: Amy Garey on "Agents of Humor"

We've kicked off the school year with a fantastic Anthropology News article by Amy Garey (UCLA) about her fieldwork with student comedy leagues (KVN) in Russia and Ukraine. "Agents of Humor?" responds to a NATO-backed report that suggested that KVN is a soft-power tool of the Kremlin, and explains ethnographically why this is anything but the case. Read Amy's work here:

Three New Soyuz Pieces on Anthropology News: Romanian Mobilities: Vehicles of Migration in New Europe

Soyuz has three, count 'em three new pieces up on Anthropology News, all surrounding the theme of "Romanian Mobilities: Vehicles of Migration in New Europe." Check out Andrey Vozyanov's "Relics of the Future: The Sociotechnical Functions of Secondhand Trams in Romanian Cities"; Anatolie Coșciug's "Transnational Motorways: The Secondhand Car Trade in a Country of Migration"; and Elena Popa's "Fellow Passengers: Roma and Romanian Migrants in France." Find Andrey's piece from the Anthropology News homepage (links to the other pieces are in the article), or the w

The September Book Review Round Up!

Dear Soyuz Members!

Please find below the monthly book review round up for September 2016! This round-up includes 86 book reviews from six journals, which were published in the last month (August 2016). They are listed here in the order below:


Central Asian Survey Vol 35 Issue 3: Reviews 1-3

Europe-Asia Studies Vol 68 Issue 6: Reviews 4-18

Journal of Baltic Studies Vol 47 Issue 3: Reviews 19-24

Journal of Soviet and Post Soviet Politics and Society Vol 2 Issue 1: Reviews 25-35

CFP: The 2017 Annual Soyuz Symposium--Embracing Confusion and Questioning Clarity: On Matters of Method in Postsocialist Studies

Call for Papers

The 2017 Annual Soyuz Symposium

Embracing Confusion and Questioning Clarity: on Matters of Method in Postsocialist Studies

Russian and East European Institute

Indiana University Bloomington

March 3-4, 2017



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