CFP: Southern Historian (graduate journal) 2019 - Due 08.15.18

The Southern Historian is seeking original scholarly work by graduate students focusing on the history and culture of the American South for its 2019 issue. The deadline for article manuscript submissions for the 2019 issue is August 15, 2018; early submissions are, however, strongly encouraged. We are also seeking book reviewers as well as submissions in a number of other categories, including historiographical essays.

Re: phrase "southern way of life" in any use other than for white supremacy?

Are you familiar with the scholarly responses to "The Mind of the South" by the journalist W.J.Cash? There are some really wonderful essays in these two following books that can help address your question, I think, really well.

W.J. Cash and the Minds of the South. Paul Escott, ed. (LSU Press, 1992)


The Mind of the South: Fifty Years Later. Charles W. Eagles, ed. (UP Miss, 1992)

Re: Hand Grenade of the Month October 2017

Continued from previous comments, the South never had the right to secede and it is the 2nd of those pillars upon which Southern hostility to the Union was falsely built. This premise by the post is utterly false and meritless. The South knew that and should have known that despite early history to the Republic and its founding. It is a falsity on its face.

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