Acta Asiatica Varsoviensia | Power-sharing in Asia and Pacific Extended Deadline

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Acta Asiatica Varsoviensia, an academic journal published by the Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures of the Polish Academy of Sciences and by the Cultivate Fundation, announces an extended deadline for article proposals for a special issue on inter-segmental power-s

ToC, Journal of Burma Studies volume 21 issue 1, now available online

The Table of Contents for The Journal of Burma Studies Volume 21 Number 1 (June 2017) is below. The Journal is now available online through university libraries that subscribe to Project MUSE (most North American universities do). NUS Press publishes this Journal on behalf of the Center for Burma Studies at Northern Illinois University. 

The Role of Pāli Grammar in Burmese Buddhism 
By Aleix Ruiz Falqués

Hedging against Lives’ Uncertainties and the “Theravada” Label 
By Lilian Handlin

Invitation to Join the Global Urban History Project

Scholars who study cities in relation to larger-scale and global phenomena are invited to become members of the Global Urban History Project, an effort to build sustained connections across professional associations within the growing hybrid field of global urban history.

The Project represents a merger of several networks of scholars in the field. The Project especially welcome scholars who focus on Global South urban questions and on pre-1850 periods.

Contemporary Photos of East & Southeast Asia

Colleagues: Once again as so often in the past, I am requesting photos of recent developments in East and Southeast Asia that i can use for the annual update of my textbook on the region. As a rule, as many of you know, what is most helpful are photos that reveal images, lettering or clothing styles that make it obvious that a photo is from a particular country or community and represent specific events such as the recent demonstrations in South Korea for example.

Reframing the Archive: The Reuse of Film and Photographic Images in Postcolonial Southeast Asia (23rd June 2017, London)

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In recent years, the decision to engage with colonial and postcolonial archives has become increasingly commonplace within Southeast Asian film, photography and visual culture.

TOC New online content JCSAA 1 2017 - Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs

Content Alert: Open Access

Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs Vol 36, No 1 (2017)

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The journal offers insights on policy implementation in the Philippines, Myanmar's foreign policy, territorial disputes and nationalism in Vietnam and China, and other issues.


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