New online exhibit reveals true author of pseudonymously authored slave narrative from South Carolina

Dear Colleagues:

I apologize for this self promotion but in case it might be of interest, I'd like to share the news of a new online exhibit that explores the life of Samuel Williams, a man who survived a South Carolina childhood in bondage to write about it years later in a pseudonymously authored narrative, correctly attributed to him here for the first time. 

News: Remarks Delivered on the Occasion of the Unveiling of Historic Marker Commemorating the 1868 South Carolina Constitutional Convention

Dear All, 

I know some of you will be interested in the following comments from the unveiling of a historical marker in honor of the 1868 South Carolina Constitutional Convention, which was a political landmark in the history of the post-slavery United States. 

Kind Regards, 

David Prior
Editor, H-Slavery
Assistant Professor of History, UNM


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