Re: Walter Hauser, Emeritus Professor of History, 1927-2019

Following on my earlier obituary notice for Walter Hauser, I am writing to confirm that the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library will be holding a discussion panel on "The Works of Walter Hauser" on 27 June 2019, at 3 p.m.  The panelists are Prof. Anand Kumar, Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Shri Kailash Chandra Jha, and Prof. R. C. Pradhan.

SSRC Global Scholars Initiative: Invitation to Attend a Meeting of Journal Editors

The Social Science Research Council has launched a Global Scholars Initiative designed to strengthen the English-language writing skills of Asian scholars working in Asia and to increase their success in publishing articles in English-medium journals. With support from the Henry Luce Foundation, the SSRC is exploring ways to support English-language journals published in Asia as a part of this effort.

Re: Walter Hauser, Emeritus Professor of History, 1927-2019

I have been so moved by the tributes to Walter Hauser that have been posted here in the last few days. I was not Walter's student, but I held him in great respect and always enjoyed his company. He will be sorely missed. Thanks to all those who have posted about the difference he made in their lives.

In condolence,
Carla Petievich
University of Texas at Austin

Re: Walter Hauser, Emeritus Professor of History, 1927-2019

Vijay has written such a remarkable account of Walter’s lie that that there is not much to add. I would, however like to talk quickly about Walter’s relationship with his students. Since unlike Vijay and Wendy I received my BA at a different institution I must mention the role Anand Yang played in changing my life twice. The first was in 1975 when I took his modern India course at Utah. The second was when he sent me to Virginia to work with Walter Hauser.

Re: Walter Hauser, Emeritus Professor of History, 1927-2019

A Remembrance
(Wendy Singer, Roy T Wortman Professor of History and South Asian Studies, Kenyon College)

It is only obvious for me to say that Walter Hauser changed my life. Or perhaps put differently, I believe there is a fragile part of our identity that we craft ourselves--and I am who I am--because of my deep connection with India--none of which would have come to be had I not walked into Walter Hauser's office in September of 1979 and signed up for History of India (HIAS 290) 


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